Statement Of Purpose

I recall your day as though it were yesterday. Throughout my second year attending college as trying to transmit romp of figures composed of my title in one computer to a different connected the computer systems using RS-232 cable, authored the required programs and performed them sped my title on a single terminal and rushed to another to determine the outcomes. “Wow, this really is miracle! exclaimed a ea ‘Tom’ on screen. While realized without effort thaw complex form of this elementary network could achieve much, in the time ad no real idea what.

Now, 4 years later since Networking makes possibly plethora of programs, from video-conferencing on the internet to connecting banks through private systems.

Still it appears like miracle. In other words rand adventure net thaw sot certainly desire to be a part of.

My curiosity about applied science goes back to my school days. Throughout senior high school as intrigued with electronic devices. Soon after that, creating and building fundamental circuits began a bobby. On the way, however realized the problem-fixing facet of making electronic devices was what enjoyed probably the most. Engineering wan astral career choice following this.

Throughout my undergraduate studies in the Electronic communication department of M. K. College of Engineering, subjects like Microprocessors, C-Programming, Computer Systems interested me probably the most as awestruck by the potential for Apple 8086 microprocessor, much more by the way its faster and much more effective cousins totally changed the significant of computer systems I evade as now determined to pay attention to microprocessors throughout my Final Year project.

I chosen to complete the work at National Space Research Organization as we have an outstanding infrastructure setup an simulating, world-class research atmosphere. This enabled me to utilize the best minds devoted to engineering research within my country amine out of this association n particular, a concept of how rewarding and meaningful Greer in research might be. The greater tangible benefits have bee leper understanding of architecture and dealing of microprocessors and thorough C-programming abilities.

Sometime pent a lot more than ten hour ay at NSRO, reading through manuals and troubleshooting circuits and debugging code m glad to state your time and effort compensated off ultimately. Mr. Tendulkar, my project guide, considered the outcomes of my project to become best. The interface card thaw reigned was later put into Norm’s Spacecraft Interface Simulator systems. This project was the highlight of my academic career. Most significantly oft NSRO with the choice to study advanced computing.

Throughout my which you may at Neville Engineering and Locomotive Co grow tea-time monitoring system for that Molding Line in Foundry. Success about this project provided the arrogance to supply software programs to real-existence problems. Although inked the task, software development at NELSON wan support function here fore switched to Moline Belgian Telecom Ltd multinational company supplying software programs in wide-varying fields, telecommunications being its forte.

At MBA aver been associated with Project ART, Belgian Telecom’s new front-finish system supplying intelligent use of its Customer Support System irking about this project has assisted me hone my programming abilities on real-existence problems eve loped an affection of ‘the large picture’, and on the other hand how important particulars are lost discovered leadership abilities in myself, and sometimes aided co-workers who had little if any background in computer systems. Being an results of this, the organization requested me to consider periodic workshops on Ms’s and C-Programming in my co-workers aver been hired Team Leader within ear now independently take care of improvements and upkeep of three modules from the 16 in Project ART.

Throughout my focus on project ART at MBA and thru my interaction with co-workers aver grown to admire the function laptop or computer Systems in strengthening finish-customers m in a roundabout way associated with Computer Systems within my job, but through enthusiastic reading through of magazines and journals like ‘Network World’ aver sustained my curiosity about the area. Actually, after reading through concerning the immense potential of path-breaking methods for example ‘Multicast’ and programs like ‘Voice Over IPO’ and ‘Virtual Private Networks’ annoy help but feel looking forward to the opportunity of new information in this region.

While my present job has assisted me develop borough understanding of project handling, the atmosphere thaw m presently in cannot support my desire to have research obsess industry-hardened abilities in Computer systems, bur us develop those to achieve transpire of undertaking cutting-edge research in advanced computing, with specific mention of the Computer Systems here fore believe thaw us go back to the educational world for more growth.

If only to earn an MS degree in Information Technology intend to follow along with this up wit h. D. , And then Greer in research and teaching aver talked to my professors, senior citizens and co-workers about my selection of College, and also have put on Princeton College since it is trustworthy because of its research facilities and computing assets. The department site revealer fry strong faculty involved with extensive research in Computer Systems. It has increased my resolve to review at Princeton College.

I bring alone prong grasp of basic principles in Electronics and Computer systems, an aptitude for teaching and team performance est. For challenges as well as an passionate need to learn al an is to consider beside me, additionally to understanding laptop or computer Systems rework of strong and lasting associations with my instructors and fellow-students open that my background qualifications are located appropriate to have an MS in Information Technology at Princeton College.

The American History for Literacy Perspective

The objective of this paper would be to illustrate the occasions all around the finish from the American Civil War. This war wan arm of epic proportion. Nothing you’ve seen prior and never since have a lot of People in America died in fight. The American Civil War was truly tragic when it comes to human existence. Within this document ill speak mainly around individuals involved around the battleground within the closing times of the conflict.

Also, reference is going to be designed to the key males behind the Union and Confederate forces.

World war 2 was starting to finish by The month of January of 1865. At that time, Federal armies were spread all through the Confederacy and also the Confederate Military had reduced very in dimensions. Around before, its northern border had lost a whole lot of lives, but had ample to get rid of as compared to the South. General Grant grew to become referred to as “Butchers” and lots of desired to see him removed.

But Lincoln subsequently was firm together with his General, and also the war ongoing.

This paper follows the occurrences and occasions between your winter of 1864-65 and also the surrender from the Confederate States of the us. All this will most definitely illustrate that April 9, 1865 was indeed the finish o raged.

Reducing THE SOUTH

In September of 1864, General William T. Sherman and the military removed the town of Atlanta of their non military population then rested very briefly. It had been after that General Sherman and the military started its famous “march towards the ocean”. The march covered instance of 400 miles and was 60 miles wide in route. For 32 days no news of him arrived at its northern border.

He’d cut them self removed from his base of supplies, and the males resided on which ever they might achieve with a home country by which they passed. On their own route, the military destroyed everything that they couldn’t use but was presumed functional towards the enemy. Cellular this destruction, it’s understandable that Sherman cited “war is hell finally, on December 20, Sherman’s males arrived at the town of Savannah and after that Sherman telegraphed to Leader Lincoln subsequently: “I beg to provide a Christmas gift the town of Savannah, with 150 heavy guns and lots of ammunition, as well as about 25,000 bales of cotton” .

Grant had made the decision that the only method to win and finished world war 2 is always to crunch with amounts. He understood the Federal forces held more thaw doest advantage when it comes to males and supplies. This in your mind, Grant directed Sherman to show around now and begin heading back toward Virginia. He immediately began making formulations to supply help Sherman around the journey.

General John M. Schofield and the males would remove in the Military from the Cumberland, which in fact had just embarrassingly defeated the Confederates at Nashville, and proceed toward New York. His final destination ended up being to be Goldsboro, that was roughly half the length between Savannah and Richmond. This is when he and the 20,000 troops would meet Sherman and the 50,000 troops.

Sherman started the move north in mid-The month of January of 1865. The only real hope of Confederate resistance could be provided by General P. G. T. Beauregard. He was scraping together an military with each and every resource he could lay his on the job, but at best would only have the ability to muster about 30,000 males. This by apparent mathematics could be no challenge towards the combined forces of Schofield and Sherman, not to mention Sherman.

Sherman’s plan ended up being to march through Sc even while confusing the enemy.

His males would march in 2 ranks: You might travel northwest to own impression o rests against Augusta and also the other would march northeast toward Charleston. Nevertheless the one true objective could be Columbia.

Sherman’s pressure showed up in Columbia on Feb 16. The town was burned down and great debate ended up being to arise. The Confederates stated that Sherman’s males set the fires “deliberately, methodically, and atrociously”. However, Sherman stated the fires were burning once they showed up. The fires have been set to cotton bales by Confederate Calvary to avoid the government Military from providing them with and also the high winds rapidly spread the fireplace.

The debate could be short resided as no proof would be presented. So with Columbia, Charleston, and Augusta all fallen, Sherman would continue his drive north toward Goldsboro. In route, his progress could be delayed not through the Confederate military but by runaway slaves.

The slaves were affixing themselves towards the Union posts and when the pressure joined New York, they designated within the 1000 ut Sherman’s pressure pressed on and lastly met track of Schofield in Goldsboro on March 23rd.


Sherman immediately left Goldsboro to visit as much as City Point and meet Grant to go over plans of attack. As he showed up there, he found not just Grant, but additionally Admiral David Porter waiting to satisfy with Leader Lincoln subsequently. The like the morning from the March 28th, General Grant, General Sherman, and Admiral Porter all met with Lincoln subsequently around the river boat “River Full” to discus strategy against General Lee and General Johnston from the Confederate Military.

Several occasions Lincoln subsequently requested “can’t this last fight be prevented?” but both Generals expected the Rebels to place up a minimum of one more fight.

It needed to be made the decision how to deal with the Rebels regarding the approaching surrender Lincoln made his intentions very obvious: “I’m filled with the bloodshed. You have to defeat the opposing armies and obtain the males creating individuals armies to their houses to operate on their own farms as well as in their shops he meeting survived fop umber of hrs and near its finish, Lincoln subsequently made his orders obvious: “Allow them to once surrender and achieve their houses, they will not occupy arms again. They’ll at the same time be guaranteed all of their privileges as people o moron country ant nobody punished, treat them liberally throughout.

We would like individuals people revisit their allegiance towards the Union and undergo the laws and regulations ell with all the thank you’ s fayed out, the Generals and Admiral understood what must be done. Sherman came back to Goldsboro by steamer Grant and Porter left by train back north. Sherman’s course is always to continue north with Schofield’s males and meet Grant in Richmond.

However, this could never happen as Lee would surrender to allow before Sherman could find yourself getting there.

THE PUSH For That Finish

General Grant came back to his troops who have been while besieging Petersburg and Richmond. These battles have been happening for several weeks. On March 24, prior to the ending up in Leader Lincoln subsequently, Grant came u ewe plan fop tanking movement from the Confederates right below Petersburg. It might be the very first massive operation to occur this season and would begin 5 days later.

2 days after Grant made formulations to maneuver again, Lee had already evaluated the problem and informed Leader Davis that Richmond and Petersburg were condemned.

Lee’s only chance is always to move his troops from Richmond and down southwestern path toward meting with fellow General Johnston’s forces. Lee chose mall town towards the west named Amelia Court a meting point. His escape was narrow they might see Richmond burn because they made their way over the James River and also to free airline. Grant had finally broke through and Richmond and Petersburg were finished around the second day’s April.

Lincoln subsequently VISITS FALLEN RICHMOND

On April fourth, after going to Petersburg briefly, Leader Lincoln subsequently made the decision to go to the fallen town of Richmond. He showed up by boat together with his boy, Tad, and was brought ashore by a maximum of 12 armed mariners. The town had not been guaranteed by Federal forces. Lincoln subsequently had a maximum of taken his initial step when former slaves began developing around him singing praises.

Lincoln subsequently proceeded to become listed on with General Godfrey Weitzel who was simply place responsible for the occupation of Richmond and brought his headquarters in Jefferson Davis’ old residence.

As he showed up there, he and Tad required a comprehensive tour of the home after finding Weitzel was out and a few of the soldiers pointed out that Lincoln subsequently appeared to have boyish expression because he accomplished it. No-one can make sure what Lincoln subsequently was thinking because he sitting in Davis’ office. When Weitzel showed up, he requested the Leader what related to the mastered people. Lincoln subsequently responded he no more gave direction in military manners but continued to state: “I ere in your area, I’d let Them up easy, let Them up easy” .


Lee’s forces were pushing west toward Amelia and also the Federals could be hot on their own tails. Before departing Richmond, Lee had requested the Commissary Department from the Confederacy to keep food in Amelia and also the troops rushed there in anticipation. The things they found once they arrived however was very disappointing. While there is a good amount of ammunition and ordinance, there is no ingle morsel of food.

Lee couldn’t afford to stop his lead within the evolving Federals so he needed to move his nearly depriving troops out immediately looking for food. They ongoing westward, still wishing to become listed on with Johnston eventually, and going to Parkville, where Lee have been informed, there is a good amount of sausage and cornmeal. Several skirmishes happened on the way as some Federal regiments would get caught up and attack, however the Confederate pressure arrived at Parkville.

However, the males didn’t have more that began to consume their sausage and cornmeal when Union General Sheridan showed up and started right. Fortunately, it had been nearly evening, and also the Confederate pressure snick out under cover from the dark.

Although not before General Lee received General Grants or loans first request surrender.

NOWHERE To Operate

The Confederates, within their hurry to depart Parkville within the evening of April seventh, didn’t obtain the rations they so frantically needed, so that they were instructed to forage for food. Many made a decision to desert and then leave for home. General Lee saw two males departing for home and stated “Stop teenagers, and obtain together you’re straggling” and among the soldiers responded “General, we’re just going right here to obtain water Inch and Lee responded “Strike for your house and fireside hey did. Digital rebel forces arrived at their objective, Appomattox Court, around 3pm on April eighth.

Lee received word that towards the south, at Appomattox Station, supplies had showed up by train and were waiting there.

However, the going after Union forces understood this and too aster southern path to the station. By 8pm your evening the Federals had the supplies and would wait there for that evening, planning to fight the Confederates at Appomattox Court each morning. Meanwhile, Lee scribbled out rave reaction to Grant’s inquiry simply requesting explanation from the terms to engage in the surrender.

The Ultimate Fight

At daybreak the Confederate fight line was created towards the west of Appomattox. The Union soldiers were in place while watching line with cannons. Once the Federal cannons began to fireplace, the Confederate signal for attack was seemed and also the troops billed. One soldier later remarked:

“It had been my fortune to witness several charges throughout world war 2, but never one so wonderfully performed as that one his Confederate advance only survived from about 7am to 9am, after which the Rebels were forced back. The Confederates could no more hold their lines and Lee sent word to allow to satisfy at 1pm to go over surrender. The 2 males met in the now famous McLean House an surrender was decided. It had been 2pm on April 9, 1865.

Johnston’s military surrendered to General Sherman on April 26 in New York General Taylor of Mississippi-Alabama and General Cruz from the trans Mississippi-Texas surrendered in May ending world war 2 completely.


The Civil War wan completely tragic event. Imagine arm by which 1000′s of People in America died within their home country over anything thaw inference in opinion. Yes, slavery caused the Civil War: half of the nation think it is wrong and also the partner just could not allow them to go. World war 2 was fought against overall in most likely 10,000 different places and also the financial and property loss can’t be calculated.

The Union dead designated 360,222 and just 110,000 of these died in fight. Confederate dead were believed at 258,000 including 94,000 who really died around the area of fight. The Civil War wan react waste when it comes to human existence and possible accomplishment and should be thought about shameful. Before its first centennial, tragedy struck ewe country and stained it for eternity.

It should never be forgotten but adversity develops strength and also the Us isn’t any unh more powerful nation.

Cornell Essay

By unleashing the doorway to past, one sees his ideas and actions once they first became predominant of his persona. This essay serves a eye to that particular door and also to my current personality.

The very first beloved books within my existence were the Sesame Street Encyclopedia volumes. At three isn’t of sufficient age to see them, bur sways desired to ask them to read in my experience. Actually memorized 10 volume set then when my parents would skip some page auld request these to read the things they missed. After understanding how to read by myself, my personal favorite book grew to become the anatomy volume within the Charlie Brown Encyclopedia.

Courtesy o supermarket book offer because the only kindergartner who understood about fertilized egg cells. A new older continued to see largely because reading through trained me a lot outdoors of the items we learned in class.

Since kindergarten, my extensive reading through also came from my various interests, particularly in science. Living within easy reach from the library eng there every single day, enabling me to dabble I efferent subject throughout each visit. Through the 4th grade ad read all of the chemistry books that contains less than 200 pages, through the fifth grad as reading through about Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Throughout that point period became so thinking about astronomy through Journey Magazine thaw old holiday cards door-to-door to be able to bur telescope.

Essay writing

Reading through also assisted me in class title resourcefulness did not hurt, either. For instance, included in my third grade reading through grade ended to complete some independent reading through. Every 60 pages I wok counted for just one star of credit and to be able to have an “A needed 15 stars as greedy and saw this being an chance to shine far beyond the relaxation of my class mates. Rather than reading through many short books devoured 300-page sagas by Laura Inhales Wilder.

When everybody else got 18 stars, the small blueberry with my title onto it had 45. This inner drive and competition still inspires my work today, but regrettably, nobody provides stars any longer.

Regardless of this need to do my favorite as really common, except fop light perfectionist’s twist to everything o owner cabbage patch toy, however it was removed because are for this excessively. On a single Halloween jessed as Dracula just like open other kids, bur anted my hair to appear so realistic it too eek to clean out all of the general electric se. Finally, similar to every other child anta sized about adventures, bur wok imaging a step further chorded my make-believe adventures on tape so they may be critiqued after.

Among the couple of factor as no perfectionist at was my writing. Due t ac of self-confidence auld plan papers well ahead of time but place them off before the final minute. This habit continues today, comprising the transition-missing stream-of-awareness style present in just about all my writing us hope it attracts Cornell admissions officials.


How To Correctly Use Wikipedia When Writing An Essay

Do Not Just Cut and Paste The Article

So-called “essay writers” who are lazy will be tempted to simply cut and paste the articles straight out of Wikipedia. This is a no-no if I want somebody to do my essay for me. This is actually tantamount to plagiarism. Honest to goodness essay writers will get information from different sources and not just from Wikipedia. He will then paraphrase and add his own inputs to the various sources he has researched. Wikipedia should only be one of the sources. It should not be the only source. Strive to broaden the information you gained by also looking into other websites with reliable web content.

Cite The Article In The Sources Properly

If you are using Wikipedia as one of your sources in your paper, cite the article properly in the sources section through APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. type of citation. Paper writers should take note of these citation styles and not claim the Wikipedia ideas as if it were their own. This will prevent further complications like being charged with plagiarism. It is better to be careful in the citation process than to be branded as a plagiarist.

Look At The Original Articles

After the main Wikipedia article, there are actually links to the various sources in which that article came from. It is advisable to look into these sources as well to be able to judge the reliability of those sources. Who wrote them? What are their qualifications? Are they an expert on the topic? This will help assure you that the Wikipedia article itself is not a half-baked article just gathered from other dubious sources. A good tip for essay writers is to always look into the credibility of their source so that they in turn do not pass on information with questionable statements presented as facts.

How To Write An Essay In Less Than An Hour

Essay writers who can write essay in less than an hour go through the following stages to ensure that they come up with a well-written article.


Essay writers should be able to “invent” or develop an idea. What is the theme for your essay? What is the concept that you want to expound on? What are the things you should include to be able to write an excellent article regarding the topic, concept, or idea? All of these can be considered as the “invention” part of writing.


After coming up with your concept or theme and the inclusions you need for the topic, essay writers would then need to do some research. List first an inventory of the possible sources you can tap for the topic. Is it the internet? Is it books and magazines? Is it newspapers and journals? Go one by one into your possible sources list and identify which ones could give you a rich source of information for a particular topic. Take note of your sources during the research phase, as you may have to cite these in the sources section after your essay.


Create an outline of your essay based on the topics and ideas you’ve come up with in the invention stage. Expound on these ideas during the writing stage by making use of the collaboration of important ideas you’ve gathered in your research. Ensure that you are able to write a concise essay that has on organized flow of ideas so that it becomes reader friendly.


After writing the whole essay, read it again and note any grammatical and spelling errors. This editing and proofreading process will help ensure that you are able to submit excellent quality work. It is better to do the revisions and proofreading ahead rather than to be given back an essay done hastily, which are full of red marks for revision.


Early Literacy Program

The Early Literacy Program of Orange County and THINK Together expands by combining from a grant from the Children & Families Commission of Orange County.

It is hard to believe that in 2011, children are still coming to kindergarten without basic language skills. Yet, even in a robust metropolitan area like Orange County, children are ill prepared to enter school. THINK Together , the nation’s leading provider of extended day learning time programs, endeavors to change that through the awarding of a $1 million grant from the Children & Families Commission of Orange County . On July 1, THINK Together assumed responsibility for providing books and waiting room volunteers to dozens of Reach Out and Read sites in Orange County, which are currently coordinated by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Orange County chapter . Reach Out and Read is a cost-efficient, evidence-based national program that uses the existing healthcare infrastructure to promote early literacy and school readiness in pediatric exam rooms by giving new books to children and advice to parents about the importance of reading aloud. The grant also increases the number of locations in Orange County where THINK Together is currently offering the national Raising A Reader program. THINK Together’s Raising A Reader sites will increase four fold.
Reach Out and Read is among the Commission’s early literacy initiatives to receive substantial support from THINK Together. THINK Together will provide books and specially trained waiting room volunteers in support of the physician education provided in 61 pediatric medical sites in 21 Orange County cities. The Reach Out and Read model includes:

Early Literacy Program Picture

  • In the pediatric exam room, health care provider, trained in the developmental strategies of early literacy, encourage and guide parents in reading aloud to their children.
  • The pediatrician gives each child, ages 6 months through 5 years, a new, developmentally- and culturally-appropriate book to take home and keep.
  • Parents incorporate advice received during pediatric visits and make reading aloud part of their daily routine.

“ One of the reasons why Reach Out and Read has been so successful and cost-efficient nationwide is that research has consistently shown that parents trust their child’s physician. Reach Out and Read is unique in that it uses a trusted authority figure, in the special setting of a medical visit, to promote children’s learning,” explained Nadia Flores, THINK Together’s program director. Pediatricians can also use the books provided by Reach Out and Read to help assess the child’s development during the medical visit. In addition, the pediatrician encourages the parent to read aloud daily and incorporate reading into daily routines to help advance their child’s verbal and cognitive development,” added Lynn Hunt, M.D., president of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Orange County chapter.
Volunteers are needed to serve as trained waiting room readers. “Volunteers support and supplement the ongoing work of pediatricians at the Reach Out and Read sites. Trained waiting room readers expose children to books and parents to resources that will help them embrace their role as their child’s first teachers,” Flores explained. Waiting room readers need to be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and be available to spend at least 2 to 4 hours per week reading to children and engaging parents. Learn more and register at .
In addition to adding Reach Out and Read to its early literacy initiatives, the grant quadrupled the number of THINK Together early literacy sites, adding 29 schools that are licensed pre-school and childcare facilities where the national Raising a Reader program will be offered. For the past two years, THINK Together, through Prop 10 funding from the Commission, has offered the Raising A Reader program in seven locations in Santa Ana. Like Reach Out and Read, the Raising A Reader program targets families with children up to age 5. Through the Raising A Reader program, families receive a book bag each week containing age-appropriate books and reading materials to encourage reading in the home to develop language skills and an interest in reading among pre-school aged children – in an effort to ensure they have basic language and letter recognition skills to begin kindergarten ready to learn.
THINK Together, the nation’s leading provider of extended learning time programs, currently serves 75,000 K-12 students at more than 250 school sites. The organization’s early literacy program currently serves about 50,000 children and families in Orange County. To learn more about the organization and its expertise in closing the achievement gap for youngsters of all ages, visit .

California Chapter 4, American Academy of Pediatrics (CA4, AAP) is a community organization and an affiliate of the American Academy of Pediatrics. CA4, AAP was founded in 1982 and its membership includes 500 Orange County pediatricians and pediatric medical and surgical subspecialists. CA4, AAP is committed to delivering innovative, sustainable services to promote the health and well-being for all children in Orange County. Chapter members and staff work hard to advocate for the needs of underserved children by promoting access to health care and ensuring that children receive regular, comprehensive, quality care in a medical home. The Chapter also facilitates a higher quality of health care by providing education resources for its members and community partners.

Why Early Literacy


Reading early to your child is critical to supporting the development of reading skills, which is an important indicator of later school success. While many literacy programs focus on school-age children, researchers agree that children are more likely to become good readers if they start school having been exposed to a wide variety of literary experiences and have knowledge of books and stories.

The Children and Families Commission of Orange County supports an ever-growing number of programs and organizations that are dedicated to making sure children are healthy and ready to learn when they enter school.

That is why the Commission has launched the countywide Early Literacy Program (ELP) to bring critical literacy resources to families with children ages 0 to 5 years of age. ELP supports literacy programs reaching children throughout the county by supplying books, best practices, readers and literacy resources.

So read on to learn more about our programs and services, and how you can make a difference in the life of a